Photography and Video Production Gear We Love and Depend On
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Photography and Film Gear We Love.

As photographers and video producers, we ask a lot of our photo gear.
This is photo gear we use daily, gear we depend on and swear by.


Click the camera gear for more detail and where to buy it!

Aony a7siii - Pro camera gear

Sony A7S III

BEAST of a camera! After shooting Nikon for 20+ years, I made the switch to Sony and could not be happier.

Epic Film uses Sony Cameras. Check out the a7iii!

Sony a7 III

Love this little camera! After shooting Nikon for 20+ years, I made the switch to Sony and could not be happier.

Photo Gear - Sony 16-35mm f2.8 G Master

Sony 16-35mm F2.8 GM

My favorite lens for general shooting. I use this probably 90% of the time.

Big and heavy, but a beast of a lens and tack sharp at all apertures.

Photo Gear - DJI Ronin RS2

DJI RS 2 Gimbal

Just simply changes the game. We’re continually impressed with this gimbals features and quality.

Camera Gear - Sony photo gear

Sony VGC3EM Vertical Grip

For those of us with bigger hands. Further, it doubles up on battery power, and add controls for vertical shooting.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

The Mavic flys well, shoots 4k and packs up nice and small for traveling. Our go-to for travel drones.

Photography gear Drones

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Sure it’s big, takes up room, and doesn’t pack up for traveling, but DANG the images it makes..

Vintage photo gear

Vintage Lenses

For some projects, we’ll use one of our many vintage lenses, adapted to be used on our modern camera bodies.

We love our old camera lenses!



Click the lighting gear for more detail and where to buy it!

Aputure 300x Led professional lighting

Aputure 300x Bi-Color LED

This beast of a light is quiet, temp adjustable and powerful. Great light, great value!

Video Lighting - Softbox Light Dome by Aputure

Aputure Light Dome II

Sets up and tears down so quick and easy! Perfect for the 300x, 300d and 120d. Bowens S Mount.

Aputure led lighting

Aputure Amaran AL-MX

Perfect for adding a splash of light in hard to reach areas. Perfect for car interiors.

Aputure AL-M9 Amaran

Wonderfully versatile little rechargeable light!!

Aputure 120d ii - Camera Lighting Gear

Aputure 120d ii LED

Great little light, and such a great value!

Led Light Panel - Pro Camera Lighting

Aputure HR672S Led Panel

Such a great led panel. Color adjustable, battery power option, and that cute little remote! What’s not to love!

Lowel Omni-Lights

Compact, powerful and cheap – just watch your fingers! These bad boys get HOT.

Lighting Gear - flood light

Lowel Tota-lights

Super versatile but be warned, these get surface-of-the-sun hot!



Click an item for more detail and where to buy it!

Manfrotto 055 - Light Carbon Camera Support

Manfrotto 055 Carbon

Amazingly light without sacrificing stability. Collapses small enough for carry-on. Love this tripod.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4

Great 4-section tripod, although a little heavy compared to its carbon fiber alternatives.

Gitzo Reporter tripod - big, heavy and sturdy.

Gitzo G1297 Reporter

Demoted to studio work. Heavy, long (even collapsed) and showing its age.

Manfrotto Xpro Monopod

Our favorite monopod. Very happy with it.


Manfrotto 504X Fluid Head

Strong and stable Manfrotto Ball head

Manfrotto 057 Ball Head

A tad heavy, but rock solid. Arca-Swiss compatible plate, so we can seamlessly switch between this, the 504, the DJI Ronin mounts, and all our other tripods. 

Such an undrated little ballhead.

Manfrotto Hydrostatic Ball Head**

Such a completely underated tripod ballhead. On of our favorites.**Modified with SmallRig 1716 clamp, converting it to Arca-Swiss style quick release plate..

Use this tiny Manfrotto ballhead when space is critical

Manfrotto Mini Ball Tripod Head**

Tiny Ballhead for small spaces and light rigs. **Modified with SmallRig 1716 clamp. As all others, converted to Arca-Swiss quick release plate.

Manfrotto Light Stands

We primarily use Manfrotto lightstands

Lighting gear - C-stands for lighting

Impact C-Stands

Rock solid performance



Click an audio item for more detail and where to buy it!

Zoom audio recorder Zoom H5

Zoom H5 Recorder

Rode Videomic Pro portable microphone

Rode VideoMic Pro+

Great for run-and-gun shooting. Full audio, not over “boomy” and nice and compact. We love our Rode mics!

Audio Gear - Rode NT1A Microphone

Rode NT1a Microphone

We’ve used a lot of studio mics over the years and keep coming back to the Rode Nt1A. Just get one, you’ll love it.

Rode shotgun mic

Rode NTG3

Incredibly well built shotgun mic. Excellent for use on a boom arm. One of our favorite sounding microphones.

VideoMicro - Ultra-portable microphone

Rode VideoMicro

We couldn’t believe it the first time we heard it. It most ways every bit as good as its big brother the Rode VideoMic Pro+.

Adam Audio Studio Monitor

Adams Audio Studio Monitors

Good clean audio while editing is essential. We use Adam Audio T5V monitors and absolutely love them.


Beyerdynamic DT770

Over-the-ear studio headphones comfortable enough to wear all day long. Highly impressed with these and highly recommend them.


Scarlett 4i4 Audio Interface

A simple audio interface that just works. No frills, no drama, just clean audio.



Click a bag or case for more detail and where to buy it!

This Lowepro Protactic bag is perfect!

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II

About as perfect as a camera backpack could be. Light(ish), solid, and just the right size.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Camera Bag

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

We’d change a couple things, but overall very happy with this “over-the-shoulder” bag.

Thinktank Airport International - Incredible Carryon

Think Tank Airport International V3

BULLETPROOF bag we use as a carry-on, our friends at ThinkTank are incredible. Best customer service in the industry!

Osprey Packs Kamber 32

We modified the Kamber with a camera insert. Works great for remote shooting, doubles as drone bag and occasional DJI Ronin S Bag.

Pelican 1510 - Pro photographer's carry-on

Pelican 1510 Case

Great as carry-on for longer trips.

Pelican 1650 - Big, heavy and incredible.

Pelican 1650 Case

Huge hard case for your photography gear. Very heavy (especially loaded). Great checked baggage for longer trips.



Click an item for more detail and where to buy it!

Dji RS2 Image stabilizing Gimbal

DJI RS 2 Gimbal

We’ve depended on DJI products for years and the RS2 takes it to the next level. Very well made, dependable image stabilization.

Rhino Ultimate Slider for Video - Gear We Love

Rhino Ultimate Slider Bundle

Heck of a slider with so many options. Very well made motion control slider. 2′ Carbon rails and 4′ Stainless steel.

Rhino Arc - Video Production motion control

Rhino Arc II



Click an item for more detail and where to get it!

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro

We’re primarily an Adobe shop. Adobe’s Premiere Pro is our standard editor for video post-production.

Adobe Photoshop - Photo Editing Essential

Adobe Photoshop

Motion graphics editor Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Package

Adobe Creative Cloud

Both powerful, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop serve two separate critical functions within our workflow.

Epidemic Sound - Royalty Free Audio - Essential Film Gear

Epidemic Sound

Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects that we often use in client work. High quality and simple. We love simple.

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Epic Film is a commercial photo and video production company. We’re headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

So, contact us today. Let’s create something amazing!