Our Team - Epic's commercial photography & video production team
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Meet our Team of creators.

We’re content creators dedicated to making you and your brand stand out!
Launching a new Product or Service? Awesome! Our team is great at creating
professional photos and videos to support your company & brand!

Get to know us a bit!

While our creative team changes from project to project, here are a few of our key team members. Running marathons, mountain biking, hiking, downhill skiing, trail running.. We’re an active group that loves to play and work extremely hard. Have questions about any of us? Well, just ask! We’ll do our very best to answer any questions you have!

Ryan Velting
Principal / Photographer

Ryan Velting

Owner / Photographer & Filmmaker

Owner of Epic Film, Ryan is our primary photographer, editor and content creator. Ryan first picked up a camera in the mid-80’s and never wanted to do anything else. He’s extremely passionate about what he does, and goes to great lengths to give his clients more than they expect.

Active in his community, Ryan and his family are very involved with local charities such as Mel Trotter Ministries. For several years, Ryan has served on the Board of Directors of myTeam Triumph. Ryan believes in investing in young artists, serves as mentor to several up-and-coming photographers and truly believes in giving back.

When he’s not running around camera in hand, Ryan enjoys time mountain biking, hunting and fishing, and spending time with his wife and kids in Rockford, where his family calls home.

Harry Seiplinga
Media Director

Harry Sieplinga

With decades of  photography experience Harry brings untold wisdom to the Epic Film team. Harry concentrates primarily on still corporate photography, landscape photography and drone photography.

Native to West Michigan, Harry has owned and operated Intermedia, a small media production studio in Grand Rapids for over 25 years. Harry is tremendously talented, and has worked for just about every major company in the West Michigan area.

Harry’s client list includes Amway, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Dow Chemical, Spectrum, Gordon Foods and Meijer.

Alright… Where’s my focus-puller!?!?!

Tom Popma

Tom Popma

Quick with ideas and a great willingness to learn and improve, Tom is a great addition to our team. Another of our team who’s originally from West Michigan, Tom brings enthusiasm, creative thinking and energy to each project he works on.

Tom serves primarily as second camera operator and assistant to Ryan on larger shoots.

Aaron Velting
Project Manager

Aaron Velting

Project and Studio Manager

Aaron brings order and attention to detail that a lot of us creatives lack. As studio and project manager, Aaron is very detail oriented and balances our often creative chaos. While keeping us on track, she also occasionally helps us out as camera and set assistant.

Aaron is a highly accomplished marathon runner and Ironman triathlete. In her free time you’ll find her running local trails, training and doing anything she can outdoors. Aaron is very active with local charities such as Mel Trotter Ministries, and serves as an “Angel” for many races throughout the year with myTeam Triumph.

When she’s not training or racing, Aaron enjoys spending time with her husband, their family and dogs at their home in Rockford.


Epic Film is a commercial photo and video production company. We’re headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

So, contact us today. Let’s create something amazing!